Life imitates art?

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Life imitates art?

Postby toad » Fri Jun 03, 2016 9:28 pm

The situation: I'm getting ready to "build" a Linux Mint laptop using an old Lenovo Thinkpad t61, so I'm going to some consults with my brother. Currently he is doing contracting for a work station and mini-computer vendor. He's got a lot of Unix and Linux experience. I don't like to telephone him cold since his hours tend to vary. Also he doesn't like to use Email, he doesn't trust it because it never goes away and people can mess with it. He prefers face to face contact or failing that the telephone. So what I end up doing sometimes is emailing my sister-in-law and sending a copy to my Brother's eMail and perhaps he'll call me.
The thing is my Sister-in-Law is a liberal and while she can use a computer that is just barely. So on my latest email to he with a copy to my Brother she says that she is glad my brother and I use the same language. The thing is I regard myself as a user. I'm setting up Linux Mint which is basically for noobs.

I think the trope that liberals have a problem with technology or actually doing useful things is all too true. There may be a need for a language program to translate reality to liberals.

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