Watches - any nerds present?

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Re: Watches - any nerds present?

Post by HTRN » Fri Jul 13, 2018 9:53 pm

Termite wrote:
Fri Jul 13, 2018 2:25 pm
Wearing a Rolex is a "money statement."
Oh you sweet summer child...

The high end watch companies only survive due to wall street and those working in the London and Tokyo exchanges.

A Submariner is 5k used in good shape at a good price. New they're 10k. Their money statement is "I can have two nickels to rub together." Typically its their first job on the street, often its not even the first bonus, as thats immediately used to improve their wardrobe and move up to something like..

A Rolex perpetual day date, which used is any where 15 to 20k, new i think they're above forty, the statement is "I'm doing comfortably" Btw, i have a halfway decent fugaziof one from when most of the fakes were coming out of Hong Kong. Only a die hard rolex guy would notice and only iy he really looked at it. The fact that it wears a real rolex band helps sell it ( the original band was two small for my tree trunk like wrists, so i bough an 80 dollar real band)..

Vintage rolexs btw, especially from the early sixties and older, for two reasons, collectors, and really clever finance guys will buy them, make up some story about their grandfather winning it in a card game from some upper class british british navy twat in the early days of postwar japan. The story invariably plays to 3 things, family history, loyalty (to the grandfather who swindled one of them rich assholes who havent worked in 8 generations), which means he now bows out of the watch game, without having to move up to the likes of...

That Patel Phillipe I mentioned previously? Its a beautiful watch (something i'd might consider if i ever hit the powerball), it's also 320,000 dollars the last i looked. The same kind of individual who wheres suits from Henry Poole, and buys his shoes from Lobb ( they make what may be the nicest Wellingtons boots on the planet, and charge enough for them to buy a nice decent used car with money left over.) The statement it makes is "I have fuck you money"

Then theres the final class of watch as status symbol. The one that doesn't wear one. You know the middle aged guy thats wearing a faded tshirt and high tops. The guy who looks like he should be working in a pizzaria. The same guy who scares everybody shitless when he declares a meeting the second he walks in from his commute in Veyron from his main house that was featured in architectural digest and cost 40 million dollars in Westchester. The statement he makes is " people dress to impress me, because im the wrathful god of their personal universe"

Nyc , besides being the clothing center of the US, its also the Jewelry capital and the watch capital. Walk down 47th street in manhattan, and youll probably pass 20 million dollars in timepieces in one block.

Aaaannnd i just made the mistake of seeing what Overstock has in pre owned Submariners. A really nice all stainless with black face oyster perpetual. It should be nice for just over 12k.. :cry:

Well the Megamillions drawing is tonight, mebbe ill actually win something for once... :mrgreen:
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Re: Watches - any nerds present?

Post by rightisright » Sat Jul 14, 2018 2:55 am

Meh... Jewelry. Too showy for me. Yeah, some.. a very few, are good investments.

I'd rather spend my extra dough on a car that makes me happy. Others will say that is showy... That said, wear what you want. Do what makes you happy.

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Re: Watches - any nerds present?

Post by Mike OTDP » Mon Jul 16, 2018 10:09 pm

I'll confess. I like a good watch. Spend enough time in aviation, and you'll feel the need for a decent timepiece. Not to mention the pleasure of not needing batteries.

I'd started out with a Seiko automatic. Got that in 1988, I think. That was my daily wearer until 2001, when I indulged myself with an IWC Fliegerchronograph. Self-winding, chronograph, chronometer. I still wear it on occasion. But my more frequent go-to is a Bremont ALT-1Z. Same basic movement, adds a Zulu time indicator, adds more shockproofing (nice). I would not have bothered except that it's a unit-marked watch. U.S. Naval Test Pilot School...meaning you contact TPS and they tell Bremont you are qualified to order one. Decent discount, too.

They're not flossy gold-plated things, these are precision timepieces for someone who needs it. I can't carry a cell phone in a lot of the places I work, and I just plain like good machinery.

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Re: Watches - any nerds present?

Post by g-man » Tue Jul 17, 2018 2:17 am

Mike OTDP wrote:
Mon Jul 16, 2018 10:09 pm
I can't carry a cell phone in a lot of the places I work, and I just plain like good machinery.
This is a good point. Smart anything ist streng verboten lots of places in the .mil. Hell, I think every single office I went to last time I was in the Pentagon had the cellphone locker and red signs of doom entry door. So much for moving to a paperless government...
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