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Re: School Me on Automotive Tools

Posted: Sun Jan 13, 2019 5:01 pm
Im not a big fan of the "app" style obd readers, i much prefer an actual reader, and considering you can get a nice one for 50 bucks..

A good meter is also a must have. You can either try to live with a noname chinese model, or buy a Fluke 101 for 40 bucks, or splurge and buy an 117 for 160ish. You dont need an 87 at 350 bucks to do auto work.

A good set (2 pair) of jack stands to get the whole car off the ground. I bought 2 pair of craftsman 4 tons for like 20 bucks a pair. Look around and see whats available.

A set of ramps - the plastic ones are garbage and dont last worth shit. Either buy a set of steel ones or if you have access to miter saw, set the angle to cut at 45 degrees if you can, and then make one yourself out of 2x12s. What i really want is to buy my buddies set that he made but no longer uses that has lon ramps and large high platforms. Since he bought a house with a lift, he no longer uses them and the sit at his parents house.

A good jack is a must. Honestly, unless youre gonna drop some serious coin like for a Werner, youre best bet is a HF low profile floor jack, ideally 3 ton. Dont bother with the alum jacks, thaose are for racers who have to pick the damn things up and put them in trailers. Theyre more money, and i dont think they last as long.

Somehting that you might want to have on hand is a fuse assortment. They always seem to blow at the most inconvenient times.

If you dont already have them, a set of spark plug sockets makes life easier as well, bit hold off on them until you actually have to do plugs.

I strongly suggest converting your drain plug to a fumoto oil valve, especially if shearing it off isnt a concern, it makes so much easier, and eliminates the possibility of crossthreading the plug when reinstalling. Best of all, there is the version with a nipple on it, so you can stick a length of tubing on the end, with the other end into youre container of choice. Makes doing oil changes cleaner and faster.

Re: School Me on Automotive Tools

Posted: Sun Jan 13, 2019 5:07 pm
And oh, almost forgot - a creeper. I personally like the "jeeper creeper" by lisle. Its around 60 bucks on amazon, and is widely imitated - most of the plastic creepers are knockoffs of this one.

Re: School Me on Automotive Tools

Posted: Sun Jan 13, 2019 10:57 pm
by Netpackrat
Buy a big bundle of those white oil soak up pads.