Unexpectedly bright LED bulbs.

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Unexpectedly bright LED bulbs.

Post by SoupOrMan » Thu Nov 30, 2017 5:53 am

I headed over to the hardware store tonight to add some stuff to my imminent Christmas decoration day. I found a string of solar powered Christmas lights so I can avoid running extension cords everywhere. I also found a decent garland I won't miss if it gets hit with bad weather. As I left I checked my porch light since it seemed more anemic than usual.

It's a CFL. No wonder it's terrible in the cold. So I look for a replacement. I find an LED bulb at the store that uses 22 watts and is equivalent to a 150-watt bulb. It's rated 2200 lumens and 5000K temperature to give daylight color.

I was expecting bright but not "cause vampires, small children, and large children to burst into flame" bright.

Now to hope that the Christmas lights work well enough.
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