help structuring a few fundraisers

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help structuring a few fundraisers

Post by Precision » Thu Jun 23, 2016 12:00 am

I have been attempting to figure out how to get more money for the wife's surgery and I figured a raffle would be a good idea. That led to a cascade of related ideas.

Here is what I am currently thinking:

Get several companies to donate physical items (somethingthey have pretty high margin on, so their cost is relatively low, but high perceived value).
Have the company use their own store front, Facebook, email list to promote themselves while promoting the raffle.
The customer donates to Dawn's Go Fund Me and puts a code along with their name. Then emails the GFM receipt to the store. Each $10 spent equals a ticket.

So example:
Local jewelery store donates a $400 watch.
They promote the Go Fund Me, themselves helping and their store
Customer Bob Jones donates $30 to the Go Fund Me And puts Jewel Bob Jones on donation
Customer emails receipt to jewelry store and gets credit for 3 tickets
At published date a ticket is drawn for the winner
Dawn gets funds immediately upon donation.
Jewelery store gets to self promote their good deed, customer base gets to feel good about the store and helping. Wife gets closer to surgery.

By having the code in the donation name, we can also promote them on the GFM. That way some jackass can't donate $10 and enter all the raffles.
So gun store donates code is gun, jewelry store code is jewel ...

Please critique my idea. Why it is not a good idea?
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