"Free" modular rifle stock

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"Free" modular rifle stock

Post by Netpackrat » Tue Jun 21, 2016 11:43 pm


I found this extra standard Wolverine stock in a box of stuff. "Free" including shipping to a US address, but I will expect the recipient to make a suitable donation to Dawn's cancer fund, in the amount of what this is worth to them. Comparable stocks go for $80-$100 or more, although I think this one is pretty incomparable...

About the stock... This was TIG welded in a hard jig out of 4130N chrome-moly aircraft tubing, then finished in "solar flat black" powder coat. Fits rifles and shotguns that can accept stocks of the "Ace modular" bolt pattern. Includes butt pad (pictured on stock) but is made to accept any slip-on butt pad for the AR 6 position adjustable stocks. It has never been used and includes the mounting screws. Overall length is about 10" including butt pad. Counts as 1 US made part for 922R compliance.

Recipient must be an active, posting member; i.e. somebody who can be shamed if I find out they didn't follow through. If you already made a donation, good on you but no fair claiming that for this. :roll: To claim this please contact me via email through the forum software, and provide your name and mailing address.
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