Fabrica de Armas 1946 La Coruna

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Re: Fabrica de Armas 1946 La Coruna

Post by Steamforger » Sat Jun 27, 2009 11:04 pm

Mauser's first successful military bolt action was the model 1871.
A buddy of mine has one of these made in Erfurt.

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Re: Fabrica de Armas 1946 La Coruna

Post by slowpoke » Thu Jul 02, 2009 6:13 am

Whirlibird wrote:
SeekHer wrote: Historical tidbit: The Springfield Model 1903A1 bolt action rifle chambered in .30/06 had taken so many parts from the original, captured weapons, to make their rifle that they had to pay royalties to Mauser for years...The British changed it a slight bit to make the Lee-Enfield SMLE .303 British rifle and basically told them to go to Hell!
I'm afraid the Remington-Lee 1879 & 1882 predates the Mauser products just a bit.
And the Lee's were an American design that the British went and tweaked with Lee's help at Enfield.

Changed it a slight bit? The original design predates the "88" Commission rifle let alone the '90's series Mausers.
The Enfield in "Lee-Enfield" is the rifling type. The British used a Lee-Metford when the .303 was still black powder. It became the Lee-Enfield when they changed the barrel design to go with the new cordite round(and probably strengthened the action a bit). The Lee in both rifles is that the action is a Lee action. The metford/enfield refer to the barrel design that it was mated too. So it really wasn't "with Lee's help at Enfield." and it the Lee Rifles in the British predates the Lee Enfield by 10 years.
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Re: Fabrica de Armas 1946 La Coruna

Post by snarky » Thu Jul 09, 2009 10:16 am

Ok, I finally got it back from the smith and it looks great. I took it out on the 4th and shot it. The groups were nothing to brag about but I was on paper. I didnt have a bench rest and did everything offhand to avoid total chigger infestation (got bit anyway). I enjoyed shooting it. I imagine I will get better over time. It functioned well and while the action is not exactly butter-its got a certain charm all its own. Thanks to everyone who helped get me this far.

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